What do the colors represent?

In DriftTube example, when changing class DriftLineRKF to AvalancheMicroscopic for transporting electron, the result from class ViewDrift is:

the color of electron is identified by code: driftView.SetColourElectrons(2);
the color of track is identified by code:driftView.SetColourTracks(3);
What do the colors orange and cyan represent?

Ionising collisions and excitations inside the avalanche.

@hschindl , orange represents excitations inside the avalanche?
and cyan represents Ionising collisions?

Dear @newconcept1979

You can see the default colours for the driftview defined here:

In particular:
Excitation = kGreen + 3;
Ionisation = kOrange - 3;


@Piet @hschindl , thank you very much!

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