What C++ standard is used to build the precompiled binaries?

Hi all,

Is there a way to check what c++ standard was used to build a pre-compiled binary distribution of ROOT?

Or is this documented somewhere?


root-config --cflags

Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Yes, it is possible to determine which C++ standard was utilized in the creation of a ROOT pre-compiled binary distribution.
Using the strings command on the ROOT binary and searching for the name of the C++ standard library is one method for accomplishing this. You can use the following command, for instance, to determine whether ROOT was developed in accordance with the C++11 standard:

strings path/to/root/binary | grep -i libc++abi.dylib

Hope it will work.

Hi @Gulshan212,

Thank you for your interesting answer! This command does not return anything in the terminal for me, both with a per-compiled binary and a build I compiled myself.

I think the accepted solution provides a simpler means, and also provides some additional info when explored!