Weighted histogram may be rounding off

I tried to use weighting method in histogram.
I did the following:

histo->Sumw2(); histo->Fill( value, weight)
and to get bin content and error;

histoname(pointer)->GetBincontent(bin) and ->GetBinError(bin) to get total entries,

I didn’t find the numbers of bin content exactly same what I get manually, even not closer. Is there a rounding off issue ? or is there a separate way to deal the weighted histogram to get bin content, error and so on?

Hi Pramod,

If you have some data that close to the edge of the bins, it is indeed likely to be a numerical issue. Since you did not quantify the difference it is hard to tell whether it is just a rounding off issue or not. Also some of the routines (check the documentation) includes the data that is ‘out-of-range’ and some do not.

If you still have issues related to this, you may want to restart a new post in the Math and Stats forum.