Warning: link requested for unknown srcfile


i’m creating a class to calculate orbits.
i’ve created 2 files:

when i compile inside ROOT i get:

root [20] .L Orbit.cc+
Info in <ACLiC>: modified script has already been compiled and loaded
Info in <ACLiC>: it will be regenerated and reloaded!
Info in <TUnixSystem>: creating shared library /mnt/scratch/SEEDS/Avanzini/./Orbit_cc.so
Warning: link requested for unknown srcfile /mnt/scratch/SEEDS/Avanzini/./Orbit.hh /mnt/scratch/SEEDS/Avanzini/filesrgaY7linkdef.h:9:
root [21]

and then the program works normally.

why this is happening? how can i get rid of that warning message?
i’m using root v5.10/00

thank you,
Orbit.cc.txt (887 Bytes)
Orbit.h (6.5 KB)

This means that you probably have indeed a file name /mnt/scratch/SEEDS/Avanzini/./Orbit.hh which is not included in your source file. You can either safely ignore the warning or move Orbit.hh away.


i’m Almucantarat… sorry for the delay, i had some account problems so i created a brand new account.

Thank you, now everithing works fine