Warning in <TWinNTSystem::SetProgname>: Wrong Program

I have installed Root 3.02/07 under Windows XP ver 5.1.2600 (CERN NICE)
when starting Root - from the command prompt - I get the warning message:

Warning in <TWinNTSystem::SetProgname>: Wrong Program path the current keyboard layout is 437

I understand from a posting
dated Wed Jan 19 2000 - 21:34:10 MET from
Valeri Fine (Faine) (fine@bnl.gov)

that this could be caused by mixing dll from different versions of ROOT. How do I fix this?

I tried restarting, and the problem did not go away.

I include the output from
set >env.txt
as an attachment

thank you
Laura Somerville
env.txt (1.96 KB)


Is anything else failing?

Could you try installing a newer version of ROOT, many improvement have been to the window build since 3.02.07?


no, nothing else has failed.

I’ll try installing a newer version of ROOT, that will hopefully work