Warning: expected log path not found in received startup

Hi all,

I faced a new problem when running PROOF Cluster. After requesting some slots, I get the following error message when trying to open a PROOF session:

root [0] TProof *p = TProof::Open(“arodrig@proof.ifca.es:1093”)
Starting master: opening connection …
Warning in TXSlave::ParseBuffer: expected log path not found in
received startup buffer!
Starting master: OK

It appears like a warning but when running an analysis this does not succeed.

The problem seems a temporal problem, my experience is that after ending a PROOF Cluster session that was successful (I was able to run my jobs during one hour), I get the error message after trying to
start a new session. Then, I have to wait some time, around one hour to have this service running properly again.

Any idea on this?


Hi Ana,

My suspicion is that an old ‘proofserv’ instance is still running on the server side and what the clients gets a message incomplete or different fro what it was expecting.
In such a cases, could you try to run

root [] TProof::Reset("<master>", kTRUE)

and see if it helps?


Hi Gerri,

thanks for your reply. I will follow your suggestion and let you know.

Any idea of why it appears now and not before, some slow-down in the network?


Hi Gerri,

in principle it works, at least the problem is not showing up again.