Warning energy out of range when generate the gas file

When I run the programme to generate the He.gas, the warning show like the screenshot in the below.

What is the gas mixture and pressure you are using?

Helium gas only, pressure is 740 Torr. I change the value of the gas.Setfieldgrid, the emin to 0.65, the emax to 3. That means the field intensity is from the range 0.65 V/cm/Torr to 3V/cm/Torr. And the gas file can get now.
So is that right?

I’m not sure. The values you specify in SetFieldGrid are supposed to be electric fields (in V/cm), not reduced electric fields [V/(cm Torr)]. Is that what you did?

Anyway, I take it that you are using pure Helium at 740 Torr, and I’ll try to run Magboltz for an electric field of 100 V/cm (as shown in your screenshot).

Thanks a lot for your reply
My original data is 0.5V/cm/atm to 3V/cm/atm
Because 1 Torr=1.33atm, So I set the 0.665-3.99。
because my pressure is now set to 740Torr, So should I multiply the 740?

Yep, It is indeed 760Torr at the beginning, Now I reduced it to see the changing situation about the induced current

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