Vscode intellisense not working with root

ROOT Version: 6.18/04 installed with anaconda
Platform: ubuntu 20.04lts
Compiler: g++
vscode version: 1.51.1

The code is simple but somehow vscode does not know where to find “TH1F.h” even though I have told it where to find it. The error message is TH1F.h file not found clang(pp_file_not_found).


Below is my vscode configuration. I have checked the “TH1F.h” file is indeed in the include path. If anyone is also using vscode, please let me know how you get intellisense to work.

And the funny thing is when I move my mouse over the TH1F, all the overloaded TH1F constructors do show up with all the descriptions. I am very confused since this suggests intellisense found where TH1F.h is.

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Hi @lepton,
I pinged some more developers on our mattermost channel, let’s see if a vscode user turns up :slight_smile:

I don’t use vscode, but just a dumb idea: does using #include <TH1F.h> (with <> instead of "") change anything (it shouldn’t, but since the behavior is…erratic anyway…)?


Several sources of information:

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