Vprintf() not defined (not available to script)

Hi all –

I’m working on converting some existing source code into a ROOT script, and in the process of doing this I have run into a problem I can’t sort out a bypass for: the vprintf() function is not defined, so the script cannot continue when it gets to this point.

I have included the following headers in an effort to deal with this: math.h, stdio.h, cstdio, stdlib.h, and stdarg.h. (I realise that ROOT likely already is including these; I did not see any harm in the attempt).

And still, vprintf is not defined in the current scope.

Can anything be done to resolve this? A re-implentation of vprintf that I can add to the script as a custom function would be perfectly acceptable, but so far I have not found such a thing that looks usable.

ROOT 5, which is based on CINT, does not support vprintf in interpreted code.