Void G__CallFunc::SetArgs(const G__param &p)


would it be possible to add the following method?

In my code, I call functions identified by a name (const char*) and a list of parameters (G__param). The call is performed in several steps.

  1. “Finding the method”, by

G__MethodInfo G__ClassInfo::GetMethod(const char *fname, struct G__param* libp, ...)
2) Feeding parameters to G__CallFunc, currently only via SetArg(…) functions.
3) G__CallFunc::Execute.

In the second step, I miss very much the requested method. Its implementation is very short, and it is very efficient…

Many thanks, Kašpi.


I have added this function to G__CallFunc.


PS. Please note that the interface (i.e content of) G__value will change drastically for the next major release of Cint (v7).

Great, many thanks! Just for my information, when is CINT7 scheduled to replace CINT5?

Cheers, Kašpi.

Sometime next year :slight_smile: