Visualize in Geant4GarfieldInterface

Hi,experts!I have some questions about visualization.

  1. In Examples/Geant4GarfieldInterface, if I want to use the method(including driftView, fieldView, signalView, meshView, cellView) in Garfield to visualize the results. Where should I add my visualization code ? I want to add it in GarfieldPhysics : : Doit(), but I 'm not sure where to visualize is appropriate.

  2. If I want to visualize the secondary particles obtained by GarfieldPhysics : : GetSecondaryParticles ( ), where should I add the visual code ?

  3. Besides, I 'm curious what must or can be done in GarfieldPhysics : : InitializePhysics ( ) ? Can I put the visual code here ?

  4. When the particle is in RegionGas and the energy makes the GarfieldG4FastSimulationModel : : ModelTrigger ( ) return value True, the program uses 'FastSimulationModel ’ ( if I 'm wrong, please point out ). I want to know, where 'fast simulation ’ is reflected ? Can it speed up the simulation of particle drift or avalanche ?
    I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice .

I think @hschindl can give you some advice

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