Visualization of TGeoCompositeShape and TGeoTrack for geom

Dear Colleagues,
I have been trying to solve some simple simulations in optics using
the TGeo infrastructure. It looks very promising since all the basic
tracking and geometry is there.

I have narrowed my present problems to two difficulties:

1- I need to use very often the TGeoCompositeShape to create spherical
lenses by intersection of two spherical surfaces. The default
top->Draw(); method does not present the intersected solid but rather
the two spherical parts making the image very cumbersome. The Raytrace
or the Draw(“ogl”) methods work ok. (see example attachment).

Is there any visibility setting that would enable the display of only the
intersection? Is there a better way to represent this shape?

2- Using the Draw(“ogl”) or Draw(“gl”) I did not find a way to
superimposing the light rays using geom->DrawTracks();
Is there a way to see the (TGeoTrack) tracks on the GL or OpenGL viewers?

Thank you in advance for your help,

All the best,
António Amorim
light-lenses.C (1.43 KB)

Hi Antonio,

In the normal pad composite shapes cannot be drawn correctly - as you already observed. You should use Open GL view. TGeoTrack objects cannot be drawn in Open GL. You have to use TPolyLine3D objects instead and after drawing the geometry draw them also using Draw(“SAME”). Crossing points can be drawn using TPolyMarker3D objects.