Viewing 3d data: gPad->x3d()

I am using win32gdk v3.10/02 on win2k. I have a TTree with xyz points that I want to display. I use, for example


The opengl window is comes up and I can rotate the data rapidly and get a good idea of whats going on. I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to have the opengl window replace the TRootEmbeddedCanvas in my application rather than opening up a second window?

2.Is it possibly to programatically apply clipping to the displayed data? I would like to add sliders to my application that control the
displayed x- y- and z- extent of the data. The alternative, which is quite slow, is to redraw the TTree with cuts. There appears to be at
least 1 clipping plane in the x3d viewer - typeing “j” and “k” into the viewer appears to move the data through a clipping plane. Behavior
seems different in perspective vs. orthographic projections…



What you want is provided with Qt ROOT
The windows binary does include QGLviewer (with the clipping plane) … index.html
and Coin3D viewers
to choose from.

One can manage things pragmatically but . . . via Qt / Coint interfaces. In other words it is an implementation depended yet.

In theory one can put paint GL windows OVER canvas also. That will do what you want. By the waht do you want? (:slight_smile:


These viewers are developing as a part of STAR Event Display project.

Hope this helps