ViewField() - Error "ComponentVoxel::ElectricField : Field is not available for interpolation"


I wrote a macro to set a magnetic Field in a parallelepiped and do interpolation. I take the values of the magnetic field from a txt file. So, it is convenient to use the ComponentVoxel of garfield. The macro read well the values.

After I wanted to view the magnetic field but it prints the error message “ComponentVoxel::ElectricField : Field is not available for interpolation” many times and I don’t understand why. So, I cannot view the MagneticField.

Here is my code :

const unsigned int nx=13;
	const unsigned int ny=13;
	const unsigned int nz=251;
	const double xmin=-240;
	const double xmax=240;
	const double ymin=-240;
	const double ymax=240;
	const double zmin=-5000;
	const double zmax=5000;

	const std::string filename = "data_test.txt";
	const std::string format= "XYZ";
	ComponentVoxel *mesh=new ComponentVoxel();

	/*** Viewing the magnetic volume ***/
	TCanvas* c = new TCanvas()
	ViewField* meshView = new ViewField();
	meshView->SetArea(xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax);

And attached, you are the data_test.dat file.
data_test.tar.gz (1.1 MB)

Thank you in advance,


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