View mode in TGListView

Dear Rooters,

I’m implementing a GUI in which I put a TGFileContainer with a TGListView.
I would like to display the “Name”, “Attributes”, “Size”, “Owner”, “Group” and date of modification (“Modified”) of the contents of the TGFileContainer, so I set the view mode associated to the container to kLVDetails.
Once I run the code, the different parameters’ names appear inside the container, but only the values corresponding to the “Name”, “Attributes”, “Size”, “Owner” and “Group” are displayed. The values of the dates of modification (“Modified”) are not displayed.
Could you tell me what I did wrong and how I can get it?
This is the piece of code related to the TGFileContainer, I wrote:
.... TGFileView* fFileView = new TGListView(fC2,540,180); (where fC2 is a TGCompositeFrame*) TGFileContainer* fFileCont = new TGFileContainer(fFileView->GetViewPort(),100, 100, kVerticalFrame,fgWhitePixel); fFileCont->Associate(this); fFileView->GetViewPort()->SetBackgroundColor(fgWhitePixel); fFileView->SetContainer(fFileCont); fFileView->SetViewMode(kLVDetails); fFileCont->ChangeDirectory(fDirectory); (where fDirectory is the directory I want to display) fC2->AddFrame(fFileView, new TGLayoutHints(kLHintsLeft|kLHintsTop, 2,2,2,2)); .... fFileCont->DisplayDirectory();

Thank you very much,
Best Regards,
Claudine Colnard.

Hi Claudine,

The “Modified” date feature is not implemented yet.
We will investigate how to implement this in the near future.
(we have also other improvements to bring to this class).


Dear Bertrand,
Thank you for your answer.
I’ll just wait for the implementation or try to implement something myself,