View comment field in TBrowser

I would like to request a new feature in TBrowser. At least I think it is new, I can’t find it anywhere.

When one creates a class for use in ROOT, the inline comments are saved somehow in the shared object file, and these can be seen in the TBrowser in one of two ways so far as I can ascertain. Firstly if one hovers the mouse over an item then a pop up appears which contains the first few characters of the comment field. Alternatively one can right click and choose Inspect in which case the comments are displayed at the top.

Could I request that in a future version

(1) The pop up box contains the full text of the comment


(2) There is an option to add the comment field as another column after the variable name in the browser window.



I’ll check what can be done. I think the first point would not be a big issue to implement (except that if the comment is very long, the tooltip may become very large, and then people will start complaining…) :wink:.
Concerning the second point, It is much more complex, and I don’t think it will come soon. Anyway, I’ll investigate. Thanks anyway for the suggestions.

Cheers, Bertrand.