Very strange behavior of TH2!

Hi everybody!
I am encountering a very strange -problem with TH2.
I am enclosing a root file with a TH2 histogramm in it.
Please visualize it with the option “COL” first.
You will notice a spherical feature at the center which should not be there!

Then visualize it with whatever option you like it and you will not see
the spherical feature in the middle!
What’s that?
I am getting crazy.
Thanks fot you help

P.s.: I am running Version 4.00/03 on Linux SUSE 8.2
z300.root (232 KB)

I do not see any spherical feature in your plot. See picture in attachement.
Send your picture.


Hi Rene,
this is what I get.
Same file.
I made one more checking. I printed out the bin values in the spherical region
and they are not zero, or at least no every one.
I attach again the file, maybe I was wrong before
z300.root (232 KB)

Marco - I see the same thing you do - I’m using win32gdk 3.10/02

It could be that your histogram has special bin content patterns suffering from a problem fixed by Olivier on March 25 this year.


which should be a possible solution to this problem?
Maybe, update my 4.00/03 version to the 4.00/04?

yes update to 4.00/04 or wait two days for
the new version 4.00/06