Version with id '6.15/02' does not exist in Jira


I am trying to submit a bug report for one of the latest versions of root. I built root using the source code from git using tag v6-15-02, visible using git tag -l. This version is not visible in the dropdown menu to select the affected version/s and it is not possible to enter 6.15/02 as free text. Doing so results in the message “Version with id ‘6.15/02’ does not exist.” There is a label for version 6.15/01, but this is not visible in git tag -l.

What would be the best course for submitting the bug report?


Hi Emlyn!

Thanks for pointing that out! You could have just taken 6.15/01 and mentioned the tag in the bug report’s prose - but I’ve added that tag now so you can actually state 6.15/02!

Thanks for preparing a bug report!

Cheers, Axel.