Vector<vector<double> > in ttree freezes TBrowse


I’m writing out std::vector<std::vector > to a tree. It works fine and I can read the values and so on but the only problem is that it freezes TBrowser when I try to open the tree which contains this variable.

I attach the file which contains the tree called “TruthAll0” which contains the branches for this variable such “Tru_DecayIDs”.

Could you please take a look at the problem?

Many thanks in advance.

TopViewAANtuple.root (1.09 MB)

I cannot reproduce this :-/ I double clicked my way through the ROOT Files, TopViewAANtuple.root, TruthAll0, Tru_DecayIDs, and then double clicked in @size(). That works for me. Clicking on size(), on the other hand, crashes ROOT. But this is not what you describe…

What OS, which ROOT version are you using? How exactly do you “open the tree”?
Cheers, Axel.


My platform 5.13/04 MacOSX.
I’m opening the tree by double clicking the file from TBrowser and then double clicking the tree “TruthAll0” is when root shuts up. I’m surprized to hear that you are able to open it and see size()… All is OK reading from CINT though…

Hi Akira,

If I remember well there was a bug in version 5.13/04 that was fixed later (see … 19#options). If you could, move to another ROOT version.

Cheers, Ilka