Vector && string


My problem is the following:

[quote]root [0] #include
root [1] #include
root [2] using namespace std
root [3] vector foo
root [4] foo.push_back(“foo”)
Error: no such template new c_string FILE:defalloc.h LINE:121
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Do you have any ideas how to deal with it :question:

Hello Dimitar,

I could not exactly reproduce the same error, but I think
you haven’t have cintdlls compiled. If you have cint/stl/vector.dll
and cint/stl/string.dll, your example should work without problem.

Please refer to ROOT documentation for compiing cintdll.

Thank you
Masa Goto

Yes it’s definitely not a problem of cint.I was running actually from lxplus,
but after changed ROOTSYS to some other experiment the problem disappeared:)