Vector of TGraphErrors*

Hi Rooters,
I don’t see wy the following is not working

root [0] #include <vector> root [1] #pragma link C++ class vector<TGraphErrors*>+; root [2] vector<TGraphErrors*> v; root [3] v.size() Error: Can't call vector<TGraphErrors*,allocator<TGraphErrors*> >::size() in current scope (tmpfile):1: Possible candidates are... (in vector<TGraphErrors*,allocator<TGraphErrors*> >) *** Interpreter error recovered ***
When I change the TGraphErrors* to TGraphErrors than it is fine.

root [0] #include <vector> root [1] #pragma link C++ class vector<TGraphErrors>+; root [2] vector<TGraphErrors> v; root [3] v.size() (const unsigned long)0
Any advice?

Hello, which version of ROOT do you use?
I just tested your lines (with TGraphErrors*) here with ROOT 5.28b and it works fine (no crash and the result is 0)

gSystem->Exec("rm -f AutoDict*vector*TGraphErrors*"); gInterpreter->GenerateDictionary("vector<TGraphErrors*>", "TGraphErrors.h;vector");

Thanks for the help!
I generated the dictionary and now it is working.
@pamputt: I am using v5.32/04