Vector of simple types

I’m having some problem when using std::vector; in my event there are several of such vectors. When I try to read the TFile using ttree->Draw(“vector_variable”) it works. If I write a macro I have to load it with .L+ (so it is compiled), else when I try to access the elements I get the following error:

Error: Can't call vector<float,allocator<float> >::operator[]((int)0) in current scope FILE:splitting_check.c LINE:40.
Is there any way to work without ACliC?

what root version do you use? Did you run “make cintdlls”?

Sorry, I’m using both version 5 and 4.04.
The point was doing make cintdlls. Unfortunatelly I did not found that target on page :-\

Thank you

For sure “gmake cintdlls” is indicated.
See section “Choosing the installation method”