Vector of Object in struct not stored in TTree

I am trying to store in a TTree a vector of a Struct that itself contains a vector to an object.
The Struct is saved but the vectors are always empty.
I am using ROOT 6.24
This was working in the past with an older version of ROOT, i.e. 6.08/06
Has something changed in the way Branches are created?



We’ll need a reproducer for this. I suppose you have dictionaries for these structs, right?

Cheers, Axel.

Dear Axel,

Yes, I have the dictionaries. But I know think this is a problem of how these dictionaries are (or are no longer) stored in the ROOT file.

My problem was that I could not see the std::vector in the TBrowser, they show as empty branches instead of but if I process the file with my existing code, the vectors are correctly filled and I have all the information that I need.

So, I think this is a problem caused by some new format in the ROOT files that does not let the TBrowser interpret the vector correctly.



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