Valgrind errors after building ROOT from source


Because of the problem described here: ROOT library problems on Ubuntu 14.04 with GCC 5.4.1 I built ROOT from source myself. Now that I can correctly link my project to the ROOT libraries, I am face with an issue when running valgrind on my binaries for memory leak checks and such.

The problem is that I am getting tons of error messages that are not related to my code, even though I use the valgrind-root.supp file that is in the ROOT directory. The error messages are these:

This only occurs when i do a build from source (happened to another build as well that I did before). Can anyone tell me how to ignore all these false positives?

Which version of ROOT are you using?

I see that I am using the v6.11.1 version (currently at master), which might have something to do with the problem. But I built ROOT from the v6.08.06 sources before and got this same problem as well. I am building from the v6.10.00 sources now to confirm the problem persists.

So somehow the suppression file is not recognizing your case. Can send the result of running valgrind with the option --gen-suppressions=all

It is not recognized with my own build of ROOT, but with a prebuilt binary from the website the errors are suppressed however.

Here is the requested output:

I had to trim it down a lot (- 20.000 lines), because of the pastebin limitations, but I think most of them are repetitive (just in a different context).

The build from v6.10.00 sources seems to not have these false positives. Solved for now :slight_smile:

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