V6-08-00-patches branch gives fatal ...TObject.h modified since it was first processed

Dear experts!

A fresh cmake install from the v6-08-00-patches branch results in:

Starting simply a root session I am getting:

fatal error: file '…/build/root6/include/TObject.h’
modified since it was first processed

I have tried to start from a clean build folder, etc. etc.

Branch v6-06-08 did work OK.

Could you please advise what to do.

Thanks and regards, Arno


Never saw that. Could you reply to these questions:

  • how did you configure ROOT (what was the actual invocation line)?
  • is this on top of a previous build (even though you have completely cleaned it)?
  • what are source directory, build directory, what is the output of which root (without the “`”)?
  • what does ls -l $ROOTSYS/etc/allDict.cxx.pch (without the “`”) show?
  • what does ls -l $ROOTSYS/include/TObject.h show?

Cheers, Axel.

Maybe some system updated happened in the meanwhile?

Maybe sth related with:

sft.its.cern.ch/jira/si/jira.is … -6942.html

Yeah but here it’s TObject.h which makes it really - unique…


How about something like a “nfs mounted disk” plus “clock skew”?

Hi all!

Thanks for all the suggestions. Since I am working on a project which has to finish fast I gave up on the patch branch … recompiling, etc. etc. did not help.

So finally I managed to get going again and here are my findings:

FindPYTHIA8.cmake does not find correctly installed pythia libraries. So I hardcoded them.

FindXROOTD.cmake does find first libraries from xrootd in an already deployed root installation instead of finding them where e.g. the XRDSYS environment variable points to. This is very annoying since one gets linker errors for “no reason” but wrongly associated includes with libraries.

… so in a few moments I hopefully have a fully linked new ROOT 6.06/08 installation.

Thanks again for your quick help and regards, Arno


Can you create Jira tickets at root.cern/bugs for the configuration issues?


Hi Axel!

On this JIRA I have no access rights to create tickets

Cheers, Arno


You could simply create a CERN lightweight account. Alternatively I’ll create the ticket on Monday.

Cheers, Axel


I have created account.cern.ch/account/Externals/ in case there are any questions for that Jira ticket. Creating that account should only take you a minute.

Cheers, Axel.


What is for you ‘correctly installed’ pythia8 libraries? Where have you install them? Did you use the variable PYTHIA8_DIR or PYTHIA8? What is the error message you get from cmake?

This is strange since the environment variable XRDSYS has precedence. Can you please provide more information about your installation? Where is the ‘already deployed root installation’? Is this an old ROOT 5 version? What is the error message you get from cmake?