V5.34.02 vs v.5.34.08


I currently have installed two versions of ROOT v5.34.02 vs v.5.34.08.
The latter is the preferred (SNO+ collaboration) one, however it fails on my macbook air (macos 10.8.4).
If I run it and start a graphic window (TBrowser in this case), I get the following output:
root [0] new TBrowser
Error in TGVScrollBar::TGVScrollBar: arrow_*.xpm not found

However, I do not have any problems for root 5.34.02.
Both versions are installed in exactly the same way.

The discussions I have found discuss an incorrect ROOTSYS path (checked and correct) or a library conflict on the system (which seems to be ruled out by one version working but not the other).

Any hints to resolved this are greatly appreciated!
Simon Peeters

How exactly did you install ROOT? Try:

cd root
./configure --all
make -j n
source bin/thisroot.sh

Cheers, Fons.