Using tmva on mac os sierra

Hi, I am attempting to learn tmva so I trying to run the examples in the $ROOTSYS/tutorials/tmva.

I could get classification and regression example run on my desktop which is CentOS with ROOT 6 installed so that was no problem.

However when I tried this on Mac OS Sierra which also using the same ROOT 6(v6.08). I get this error

Error in <TApplication::ExecuteFile>: macro TMVAClassification.C not found in path /tmva/test

which I believe it had something to do with my .rootrc.

I supposed the solution would be that redirect the path in .rootrc so it function properly. I am not exactly sure where it should be redirected though so any tips/advice are appreciated.

So I tried to run some other examples in the tutorials. I faced the same problem that the macro not found in path /tmva/test. I am bit lost here what to do.

root-config --has-tmva
root-config --features