Using THtml to document templated functions

Hello ROOTers,
I was just wondering if there is any way to get THtml to document templated functions (which must be defined in the header, before the .cxx file is read). I haven’t been able to find anything in the literature or in previous posts. Thanks!



you mean like this? … iDim_.html You just put your comments into the function body of the inlined functions in the header file; that’s fine, too.

Cheers, Axel.

Hi Axel,
Thanks for replying! I don’t think that Chi2FCN.h is a good example for what I am trying to do (though, to be honest, I may be wrong… that is some header file!) It looks as though Chi2FCN is a templated class, and I am using a templated function. My header is structured like the toy below, and when I use THtml, it not only misses the comments describing the function, but it misses the function itself. Am I doing something wrong with the ClassDef, ClassImp macros?

class EmptyRootClass : public TObject
EmptyRootClass() {}
EmptyRootClass(Int_t a):fA(a) {}
virtual ~EmptyRootClass() {}

void DoSomething(CLASSNAME* e);




void EmptyRootClass::DoSomething(CLASSNAME* e)
// Does something with CLASSNAME* e
// NOTE: This function definition must be in the header, since it is a template.


ClassDef(EmptyRootClass) <--------- placed at the top of