Using ROOT with windows subsystem for Linux in Thinkpad 470s (i7-7600U, 8GB RAM)

I want to know whether working with ROOT in Thinkpad 470s (i7-7600U, 8GB RAM) is fine. Should I add more RAM?

I keep encountering problem while build root from source through this command:

cmake --build . – install -j8

The process slows down and show zero progress for hours without any background processes going on. Can it be just network issue?

A screenshot has been attached.

Now I am running: cmake --build . – install -j4
It is perfectly slowing down again at 63%.

Hi @RAJ,

welcome to the root forum! Maybe @bellenot could answer your question?


Hi, I don’t know what could be the issue you have, but I have a question: WSL is Linux. Which flavor is it? If it’s Ubuntu, you should consider using a pre-build binary, unless you have good reasons of building it yourself?

Yes. It is ubuntu 22.04.2. I didn’t know much about. I was just following the website instructions.

And this is the current situation.

Then you could try to install our Ubuntu 22.04 binary available from Release 62804 - ROOT

Thank you. Will try this if I have further issues.

The problem did not reappear. So, it’s done for now.

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