Using ROOT on WinXP with MSVC++6.0


I am trying to use root on WinXP with MSVC++6.0 (used it for years on Linux). I downloaded the binary of root version 4.0 from the download area, can start it and also run simple macros and so on.

The question:

What is the procedure if I want to use MSVC++6.0 to compile programs using ROOT features? Very simple example: I have a small c++ routine (win32 application generated by MSVC++6.0) doing a “Hello World”. What steps are necessary if I want it to e.g draw some TF1 in a root canvas?

Would there be some how-to anywhere?



Hi Christian,
Look at $ROOTSYS/test/Makefile.
This builds several executables.
I also suggest to look at thye following links:


Hi Rene,

thanks for the fast reply.

I assume I need cygwin to run the Makefile in the test directory. Correct? I did so, just calling make in the test directory and I get an error that the protected member fDatime is not accessible in TDatime.h…

Any hint what I am doing wrong?

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Yes, you need cygwin. See Axel’s page for more details.
Concerning TDatime, it looks like you have a mismatch in the source.
I suggest to start ftom our v4.00/02 release or install from CVS.


Hi, ROOTers,

It was some discussion regarding fDateTime already, please,


Christian, you can try to install SP for MSVC, for me it was enough.

:wink: Good luck,
Elena Litvinenko

You may want to see $ROOTSYS/test/Makefile.win32 makefile f that works with “nmake” and VC++ directly with no cygwin


cd %ROOTSYS%\test
nmake -f Makefile.win32

you can also look at VC7 project files for test
programs from $ROOTSYS/test at

Regards. Valeriy