Using ROOT on lxplus

Dear all,

I am trying to source a standalone root installation from lxplus6 as
source /afs/

However I keep getting -bash: /afs/ denied

Is this normal and should I be rather using a ROOT version from someplace else?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @Suchita_Kulkarni,
and welcome to the ROOT forum!

This should set up ROOT together with all its dependencies on lxplus6:

source /cvmfs/

Where did you get the URL you were using from?

Also consider switching away from lxplus6 as it is being phased out ( now points to lxplus7, and soon to lxplus8).


Thanks a lot, this is very useful. The link I got was a very old link I was using before I switched to cmssw. Now, I need to switch out of cmssw and therefore was trying to have a standalone setup. I have also switched to lxplus7. Thank you also for that help.