Using ROOT from C++ application

General question about possibly using ROOT to display a future value forecast for an aircraft. Can we call ROOT from within our C++ application and send a graph file back to the User over the Internet (the application is run on a server).

What are the requirements for this…?

Right now we send a text file back to them (using Perl) and they need to use an Excel template file to get the graph…



this is a very general question and an appropriate answer would require more information about the actual setup.
On the other hand, it is straightforward to use root, actually all of its libraries, from within a c++ application (several particle physics, and not only, experiments do that since ~a decade).
From what I understand of the particular problem, you could, for example, already get rid of excel initialising creating a TGraph from a properly formatted plain ascii file: … :TGraph@10


Thanks Danilo,

That sounds good, and I suppose the graphs can be quite fancy and 3D…

Are there any other useful things to know besides TGraph…?

Best regards, Bill

Hi Bill,

it really depends on the problem.
You could start browsing our documentation
perhaps starting from the ROOT primer

focussing on graphics related topics.