Using python cutting function in drawing histogram in PyROOT

I am trying to use a python function as a way to cut on a pyROOT drawn histogram. The idea goes something like this:

def cutting_fun(dep,xm):
“some conditions”


Is this possible with pyROOT?

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More information: I am able to get C++ code to work, so if all else fails I can just remake the python cut function as a C++ function.


Since cutting_fun is function that only exists in Python, unfortunately you can’t call it directly from an expression of TTree::Draw.

You can write the function in C++ yourself, as you mentioned, or try with NumbaDeclare, e.g. see this tutorial:

In short, you decorate your Python function and, under the hood, a C++ wrapper for it is generated so you can call it as Numba::cutting_fun in your case.

This is only available since ROOT 6.22, though.

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