Using own header files in ROOT


I’m still very new to ROOT, so I am very sorry for these kind of questions!
But now here’s my problem:

I want to include an own written header file into a code that I want to open with
But everytime I want to start I get the error
“IncrementalExecutor::executeFunction: symbol ‘_ZN14testC1Ev’ unresolved while linking [cling interface function]!
You are probably missing the definition of test::test()
Maybe you need to load the corresponding shared library?”

It seems I am missing something, but I dont know what.
Help is very much appreciated!

Thank you!

can you provide a reproducer?
Just to understand how you include your own header.
For me a simple

#include "my_header.h"

in the file I want to run is sufficient.

Instead if you want to create a shared library it’s another story.


A couple of extra questions for us to understand what you’re trying to do:

  • does your header have a function called test()?
  • where is its function body?
  • what exactly are you running that produces the error - do you do root [0] #include "my_header.h"?