Using of TF1 function inside the another TF1 function

Dear developers of ROOT,
I have had a problem with using of integral of TF1 function inside the another TF1 function.
This command line and all the command lines after this one in the same block of commands are simply ignored.

Is there any way to make such type of integration with standard functions of ROOT ?

With best regards,
Begun Sergij.

Could you post teh shortest possible RUNNING script explaining/reproducing your problem?


I need a time to prepare clear problem if it is. The original program is very large, thus other errors could interfere. Maybe I will find the error preparing this clear problem if it is.

Begun Sergij

Please excuse me for disturbing,
the problem I have reported here not exists.
There was an error with pointers using in my program.
You could remove this topic from the forum.


Begun Sergij