Using map<string, int> in ROOT

Dear experts,
I would like to read map<string, int>. I found I have to add one line in my source code file:
gROOT->ProcessLine("#include ");

Could I not do like this but add one line in the linkdef.h file?
I tried several times, but fail. It can not be compiled, the error is
/afs/ -f rootdict.C -c linkdef.h
Error: link requested for unknown class std::mapstd::string,std::string linkdef.h:18:

The line I add in the linkdef.h is:
#pragma link C++ class std::map<std::string, std::string>;

Could I get some advices?

Best regards,


I don’t understand. If you want to read map<string,int>, why do you ask for a dictionary for map<string, string>?

And what would you gain by changing some linkdef.h file compared to gROOT->ProcessLine("#include ")?

Cheers, Axel.