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I’ve built ROOT 6.10. The Import into Jupyter notebook works fine. But when I try to use JSVis capabilities, I find that the Javascript is being loaded from which won’t work in the offline environment I try to deploy ROOT. I’ve already built ROOT with -Dhttp=ON, so a http server is included in the binaries. Is there a way to alter the build to use the included Javascript files?

Thank you


You can specify the location of the JavaScript files in the $(ROOTSYS)/lib/JupyROOT/ file:
_jsROOTSourceDir = ""
But note that a http server is required to serve the JavaScript files. And I don’t know if it could work with the internal THttpServer, I will have to try, but I don’t have access to a Linux machine before next week…
You can still try with this value:
_jsROOTSourceDir = "http://localhost:8080/"
and then start an instance of THttpServer in ROOT:
THttpServer *serv = new THttpServer("http:8080?top=ROOT;readwrite");
But I would be surprised if it works…

Another alternative would be to set-up an http server on your local machine.

Cheers, Bertrand.

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