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Hello I should do some long operations, so I want to do them by using gentoo connecting to laboratory machine. The problem is that I need to lunch the macro and to close the terminal, but even if my terminal is closed gentoo must continue to run the macro (for example, I want to lunch the macro during the night, so that I can have the results in the morning when I wake up…so I want to turn off my computer). Then, is there a way to lunch the macro closing the terminal without stopping the run?
Thank you

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Thank you @bellenot

I guess that screen isn’t installed yet in the laboratory machine, true?

Right, apparently it isn’t

Thank you @bellenot

When I run a Geant4 simulation, i can write

nohup ./exampleB1 ../run1.mac &

then I can close my terminal but the run doesn’t stop

and if I open a new terminal and I digit

ps aux | grep exampleB1

I can check the status of the simulation.

Can nohup ps aux be used with gentoo too?..otherwise I’ve to ask to the system administrator to install screen

Why don’t you simply try? :thinking:

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I tried! It works!

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