Using draw options when loading a gdml file

I’m attempting to set some draw options when I draw a GDML geometry that was imported into the TGeoManager. But the TGeoManager seems to ignore these options.

For instance, I would only like to show the leaf volumes, because I have an envelope volume that contains and obscures the leaf volumes.


But it still draws the envelope volume and I can’t see the leaves.

In general, AFAIK I can’t get it to respect ANY draw options when I use a GDML geometry.

I attached the GDML file.

Any help/suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

–Jeremy McCormick, SLAC

I cannot understand the relationship between Draw and GDML.
Could you post
-the gdml file
-the very precise script that you use to visualize the geometry


Hi, Rene.

I have attached a GDML test file to this message.

Here is what I’m doing in interactive mode (from original post).


I am not able to get any modifications to the scene to show up when I call Draw(). It always shows only the outermost envelope volume, which isn’t that useful.

I do see the correct outer volume though. So I know that the Draw() command is in fact using the correct geometry. It is just not respecting any of the options that I set in the TGeoManager when it draws the scene.

Oops! File attachments appear to not be working for me on this board.


I do not see any problem with your file. Could you check the picture in attachment?
Could you identify your version?