Using dcap in a compiled application

Dear all,
I have a small problem with access to files on dcache and unfortunatelly I don’t have an obvious solution for it.

I have a small analysis library compiled in .so (depends on ROOT, cernlib and some other libraries).
I link my analysis code with this library and ROOT (ROOT5.28 on SL5.9/i386), copy all needed .so files with the resulting executable to remote machine and after seting LD_LIBRARY_PATH I run it.
It works fine for most machines, but on the machines I would like to use (SL6/x86_64) I have the following error messages:

Warning in TGMimeTypes::TGMimeTypes: error opening mime type file /opt/products/root/5.28.00/etc/root.mimes
Error in TFile::TFile: file does not exist.
Error in TPluginManager::FindHandler: Cannot find plugin handler for TVirtualStreamerInfo! Does $ROOTSYS/etc/plugins/TVirtualStreamerInfo exist?

and the program terminates.
It looks like a problem with ROOT libraries or usage of ROOT libraries, because the files, obviously exist.
Does anyone has an idea where the root of the problem is?

Best regards,


How did you resolve it?