Using cling with CUDA enabled

I would ultimately like to use Cling + CUDA in a Jupyter notebook if this is not the right place for this please let me know.

Is there usage documentation elsewhere for Cling + CUDA?
I have looked regarding CUDA usage in the following:
(I’m not allowed to put full links)
gorepl /docs/cling.html
cdn.jsdelivr /gh/root-project/cling@master/www/index.html

Is CUDA just natively supported with the Cling prebuilt binaries? From the release notes it looks as if it is at least being worked on. If it is supported what is the canonical way to use it?

I have seen the github project ComputationalRadiationPhysics/xeus-cling-cuda-container, however it was last updated 16 months ago and looks to be using older versions of both NVIDIA and cling.

Welcome to the ROOT Forum! Maybe @vvassilev or @Axel can give an answer to this

@SimeonEhrig should we create some documentation on this? :slight_smile:

I think we can do it. There are some known issues, but since the CUDA mode is used with Clad, I think it makes sense to make it public. And maybe we can find someone to work on this feature too :wink: