Using Cling in C++


I’m trying to embed Cling into C++, so that I can use it to execute C++ ‘on-demand’. I’ve read a lot of articles that say the only things produced when you compile Cling is a Cling.exe which can run C++. I haven’t been able to successfully compile Cling yet so I don’t know.

My question is, is there any library/DLL I can use in C++ that will embed Cling? Ive heard about something called libCling but haven’t been able to get much information on that.

Any help?

Are you using Linux or Windows?

Cheers, Usori.

You could check out the documentation here: … index.html We have an example how to do such a thing there.

I’m using Windows, which is why it’s a bit harder/confusing.

Currently we have unofficial Windows support and I don’t think we could be much helpful. Could you figure out the equivalent of what the embedding documentation says for Unix?

It’s kind of confusing for me.
I can’t really understand most of the documentation, because it’s mainly for linux only.

I wish there were some sort of documentation on libCling, and that it was easy to set up. :confused:

UPDATE: I was able to find another C++ interpreter to do the job.