Using CINt from within my exe

I want to use CINT to test my application and want to host it in the application (C++ running on linux). I have downloaded the package. As instructed, I tried the usermain demo successfully. However, as you mention yourself, this is a very simple sample. My exe naturally contains a few cpp files and is linked to numerous dlls.
Do you have perhaps more detailed instructions on how to incorporate CINT into my application?
If not, here are my specific questions.
In general, my makefile is generated via autogen. I guess, I will have to edit my with data I will get from the makefile generated by makecint. So what will be the input to makecint. Will it be only the cpp file interfacing CINT?
Will I use the -H switch only with the h files I need to interface from within CINT?

Maybe I would better describe the problem as follows:
Let’s say I have an exe built from files src1.cpp, src2.cpp src3.cpp with corresponding h files. Only src1.cpp interfaces to CINT (has the CINT calls in it). In addition dll1, dll2 are linked to the project.
How can I operate makecint on this project and embed the results into my

In addition, I wanted to check the -m switch operation, so I removed it from the makecint call, and strangely, the usermain sample exe still comipled and linked well, and even ran well. How is this?

Thanks in advance


I don’t understand what you want CINT to do. If you want to call CINT to do simple calculations (as in “12+42”) then you don’t need to use makecint at all. If you want it to be able to call functions defined in your binary or shared libraries then you do need it, and you need to run makecint on the header files containing the definitions that you want to have accessible from within CINT. How to integrate that into your build system is hart to tell - if your headers never change you could just generate the dictionary once and keep it. Or you need to add some sort of a rule (dict.cxx: header.h) to run it.

Cheers, Axel.