Using an external text editor with ROOT on Win32

I like to use Visual Studio to edit my C++ code … and I run ROOT simultaneously. However, whenever I modify the code in VisualStudio, and try to save the new version before executing it in my open ROOT session, I cannot do so … the file appears to be locked by ROOT.

As a specific example, in ROOT I do

root [0] .x Do_Eg05_Analysis.C

::: some output:::

root [1]

Then in VS I make a small edit to Do_Eg05_Analysis.C, and try to Save the file. Windows responds “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process”.

What is the workaround for this minor irritation?



the workaround is to unload your file (".U Do_Eg05_Analysis.C") before you save it, and load the new version after you saved it (".L Do_Eg05_Analysis.C").

Cheers, Axel.