Using An Array of Histograms

I need some help about truobles with Histos.
Following the example on page 169 of latest ROOT MANUAL, 4.08, I want to save on a .root file some histograms.
The problem happens when i watch them with a TBrowser.
Histograms that I want to save are fitted with a gaussian, so, when i draw them on my screen i need both statistical and fit information like: entries, mean, rms, fit parameters…
The problem are:

  1. Histo saved in the list have lost their names
  2. I can see only bars and fitted functions, a cannot see, until i use the menues in root browser,
    the statistical of fit information (like entries, mean, rms, …)
    This problem is related to tha absence of a command when i save the histograms?
    It would be very nice watching the hitograms saved with the same options with i created them.

Thanks a lot for your work!!


when you fit a histogram, the result of the fit is saved with teh histogram.
You can have different views on the “stats/fit” box by selecting the global
options set via gStyle->SetOptFit(…)

These global options are not saved with each histogram. It is up to tou to set
the gStyle options in your new session. The same style is achieved typically in the rootlogon.C file


Thanks for your help.