Using ACLiC and Visual Studio compiler

HIi rooter, I try to run root on windows. I want to use ACLiC, not the cint interpreter.
Firstly I used root cint to run the code successfully as below.

But the ACLiC didn’t work properly well. I typed:
.x C:\root\macros\
It told me that ‘.x is not internal or external command’.
How can I solve this problem? Thanks.

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Hi darkblue,
.x is a command that you can enter from the ROOT prompt.

After C:\root\bin\thisroot.bat, execute command root, this will open the ROOT prompt and from there you can use commands such as .x.

Hope this helps,

Hi Enrico, If I open the ROOT prompt and type .x, is the code running using ACLiC not CINT?
I want to use the Visual Studio compiler to run code faster. The CINT works slowly.

Yes, appending + compiles the code with ACLiC.

We also provide ROOT in docker containers with which you can use ROOT6 and its new clang-based interpreter, cling.

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