Using a vector<vector<int>

Dear ROOTers’,

When defining in a macro the branch:
vector<vector>* el_truthAssoc_index;

I get:
Error in TTree::SetBranchAddress: The class requested (vector<vector >) for the branch “el_truthAssoc_index” refer to an stl collection and do not have a compiled CollectionProxy. Please generate the dictionary for this class (vector<vector >)

I tried to load the dictionnary with
// File loader.C
#pragma link C++ class vector<vector >+;

doing then
.L loader.C+

and then running my macro. But I keep on receiving this “stl collection” error.

The macro can be found there: …

all the needed datasets ans headers are in the same directory:


Hi Xavier,

What is the exact sequence of command you issue?