Use TClonesArray to fill a branch

Here I have a general question.
If I have a Class called TClass, and do

TClonesArray *array = new TClonesArray("TClass", 20); TTree *tree = new TTree("testtree", "This is a testing tree"); tree->Branch("TestBranch", &array, 32000); tree->StartViewer();
I should see the leaves (data members of TClass) under the branch “TestBranch” for the tree. If I didn’t see any leaves under the branch “TestBranch” except “TestBranch.fBits”, “TestBranch.fUniqueID” and “@size”, generally speaking, which reasons can cause the problem? The version of root what i am using is v4_04_02b_v2_eh and appologize I cannot post my code here.


TClass is a ROOT class. Choose a different name


No, my fault, this is a bad example. Here TClass means TMyOwnClass.

Please send the shortest possible example reproducing/explaining your problem.
Did you fill the TClonesArray?