Use static method in proof TChain->Draw


What do I need to do to get proof to know how to use a static method in my proof TChain->Draw() statement. e.g. if I defined (in a loaded macro):

double myMethod(double var) {
return var*2;

what is necessary to get:


not to fail in PROOF-lite



Sorry, this is not working currently in PROOF.
We are working to an implementation to have exactly the same functionality for TChain and PROOF,
but is not the case.

G. Ganis


This morning I encountered a scenario where I wanted to do exactly this, and initially was dismayed to find this thread (which I started) when I googled this problem.
But clearly I must have gotten smarter in the interim 2 years. I’ve discovered if I put the method in a file and then do:

gProof->Exec(".L myMethod.C");

The method appears to be understood by my proof jobs from that point