Use root console commands to modify event status bar default contents

Hi, I’m using root version 5.34.38 for windows. I have a rootlogon.C file in the root bin directory. I’d like to add commands to modify default event status bar content. For 2 dimentional histograms i’d like to show the sum of pointed event coordinates in the char string of the 4th bar slot if possible. I tried using commands like:

TBrowser::SetStatusText ("hi",0)

then switching different classes like TCanvas or TCanvasImp, etc . Also tried to get the status bar text using


that returned “Error: cannot call member function without object”. and then i realized i have no idea how to find objects created or even to point to them. Until i realized that in the context menu for a canvas it said Canvas_1, and then struggled using tab in the console to search for SetStatusText function inside without success…
But i did manage to set the Canvas_1 title to “hello” and saw the first status bar box showing that change … that’s all i could do XD
So i’m guessing i need the “root object browser” object name or something similar in order to access the SetStatusText funciton…
Anyways I’m pretty ignorant in the subject and also don’t know how to properly code in C, i just managed to build that file using the gstyle class to set some colors and stats format looking at examples.
Thank You in advance

_ROOT Version: 5.34.38
_Platform: windows
_Compiler: i believe it’s a c compiler don’t know which

You can display simple text on the status bar that way:

root [0] TBrowser b
(TBrowser &) Name: Browser Title: ROOT Object Browser
root [1] b.SetStatusText("Hello world", 0)

But what you want to do is a bit more complex and I’m afraid you would have to write some code using signal/slots. And I think you cannot replace the default behavior in the browser status bar with another (custom) one